P+H Leichtbau: A strong partner who makes it easy for you

Our many years of experience in the industry have shown time and again: customer satisfaction is the highest quality feature. In order to meet this requirement, a high degree of flexibility and optimal coordination is important. This is why our committed team is working together to meet customer requirements individually and in detail. Our employees are highly qualified and specialized specialists, who are continuously developing. Just like the versatile properties of our materials, we want to offer our customers a wealth of possibilities.
With all the attention to detail, we also keep in mind the big picture. We stand by you – whether handy or advisory – open-minded:

individual, reliable and powerful.

Your P+H Team

Individual solutions are our element.

We can help you:

  • Developers / designers
  • Dealers of sandwich products like Alucore, Kappatec, Alucobond and many other products.
  • Purchaser of individual turned parts, milling parts, profiles, etc
  • Processors of the materials but also of GRP / GRP sandwich elements:
  • Covers, linings, flaps and hoods
  • Ceiling, wall cladding, partition walls and raised floors as well as the substructures
  • Ship furniture for indoor and outdoor use
  • Instrument carriers and flagsticks
  • Lift cabins
  • Cabins for simulator technology


The machinery used for this includes:

  • Portal milling machine 300 x 2000 x 6700 mm with continuous vacuum plate
  • Milling 150 x 1250 x 900 mm
  • Double miter
  • Table circular saw 1350 x 5000 mm
  • milling table
  • coating plant
  • Veneer Press
  • Various other saws and milling machines